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Golf Etiquette: Expected Behavior on the Course

Golf is a civilized and classy sport that calls for even the spectators to follow a strict code of conduct. This depicts the importance of the golf players to abide by not only the rules of the game but also with its core values. The core values of golf or the manner of playing the game so as to ensure that all players enjoy it to the maximum level are known as the golf etiquette. Golf etiquette depicts the spirit of the game: integrity, honesty, and courtesy. It is basically about respect—respect for the course, for the fellow players, and for the sport.

Etiquette 1: Considering Other Players

A player must always be considerate to others while on the course and must never disturb them by talking, screaming, and moving. Electronic devices that distract other players are prohibited on the course. The player must keep a distance when another player is about to swing or must not stand on the putting line for another player. Players must also make sure that other players are safe when the stroke or swing is being made. In case a player anticipates danger of the ball hitting someone, he or she must yell “Fore!” which is the conventional warning term. Until the entire group’s players have holed out, the player must remain on or near the putting green.

Etiquette 2: Keeping the Pace of the Game

A player must always be playing at a good pace and must not delay the game. The pace of play of a group generally determines the priority on the course. A group that plays a whole round is allowed to pass a group that plays a shorter round. When a player has his or her turn to play, the player must be ready. In case the player is on or close to the putting green, he or she must leave the cart or bag and similarly must leave the green as soon as the play f a hole is finished. The player must play with a provisional ball if a ball is lost and when searching for a ball the player must signal others in group to play.

Etiquette 3: Taking Care of the Golf Course

A player should smooth and fill up all holes and footprints prior to leaving a bunker. Caddies and players should prevent damage caused to the course. Players must take care of the course by repairing their divots, shoe-damage, and ball marks, raking their sand bunkers, keeping away carts from greens and hazards, and following the rules for golf cart. Before leaving the course, players must ensure that they have repaired any damage caused to the course due to their ball or shoe. For more visit ,In this regards, it is suggested that players must be wearing proper shoes when they head towards the golf course. Golf shoes have been designed while ensuring that the damage to the greens is minimized.

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